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New workshop dates:
The integration of the “I-Robot Factory” into everyday school life

..on 04 April 2024, 04. June 2024, 19 August 2024 & 17 September 2024

The I-Robot Factory enables teachers and their students to independently build, program and test “robots” at various levels on their computers or tablets.

As a teacher, get to know the I-Robot Factory in this workshop and find out how you can integrate the I-Robot Factory into everyday school life.

You can register for the workshop here (german page):

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About the event

13th October 2022

In October 2022, the Realschule Wedemark and the Einfach Genial gGmbH invited all interested parties from schools, business and politics to the kick-off event of the I-Robot-Factory. Here you can see some impressions of this event.

Video of the event

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