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Our Podcasts

Last updated in November 2022 - All Podcasts are in German

Podcast with Inke Lorenzen

With our programmer Inke from Flensburg, we clear up clichés and get an impression of the varied job profile of a programmer.

Podcast with Henrik Sager

Our mini-jobber Henrik tells us how he successfully started his career in this area at the age of 16. 

Podcast mit Inke LorenzenEinfach Genial
00:00 / 28:29
Podcast mit Henrik SagerEinfach Genial
00:00 / 15:08

Podcast with Steffen Jauch

In the podcast, Steffen Jauch shows us how schools can advance in the field of STEM and what this might look like in the future.

Podcast mit Steffen JauchEinfach Genial
00:00 / 37:57

Podcast with Dominic Spittmann

As a guest we have Dominic Spittmann, with whom we talk about the path from the spiritual vocation to the educational profession with a technical orientation and much more. talk.

Podcast mit Dominic SpittmannEinfach Genial
00:00 / 42:41

Podcast with Wiebke Kontzog

Art & AI? We got to the bottom of this question together with high school teacher Wiebke Kontzog in the following podcast. Can interfaces be formed between technology and art, can artists develop together with AI? The idea of this podcast is based on an action that is documented on film and can now be found on our Instagram account. 

Podcast mit Wiebke KontzogEinfach Genial
00:00 / 28:41
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